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Who We Are

The aim of the West Karate Club(IJKA) is to foster the true spirit of karate and develop international relations between countries under the guidence of world class instructors such as Shihan Kato (9th Dan).
Here in West Karate we hold true to this aim by teaching karate in our club and by holding open competitions and courses attended by people from all over the world.
It is in this fashion that we hope to grow and develop the IJKA and ourselves further.
All styles and organisations are welcome to attend IJKA courses.
To contact us or find out more information about the IJKA both at home here in Ireland or around the rest of the world just contact us by e-mail or use the contact information given.

Our History

West Karate was set up in 2008 by Chief Instructor Brendan O’Flaherty. The aim of the club was to create a youth academy that would revival any club in Ireland. West Karate is affiliated with the IJKA Ireland under the guidance of Sensei Toomey (IJKA) and Shihan Kato (9th Dan). THe club is situated at Active Fitness in the Connaght Hotel, Dublin Road, Galway.

Why choose us

Youth Academy has World Class Trainers

West Karate have work tirelessly on developing its Youth Academy. West karate have been privileged to have its students selected by the IJKA Ireland to compete for Ireland on the world stage.

World,International and national winners

West karate have won at local, National, International and world championships. We are committed to competing at the highest levels and give the students the best training possible.

We compete on the world stage

West Karate have students that are on the Irish squad of the IJKA Ireland representing Ireland both Internationally and on the World stage.

Open to all

Here at West Karate we want to make Karate accessible to everybody. we offer family discounts and there is no need to buy a suit until you are sure you like Karate. So why not give it a try.

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Connacht Open 2015
Connacht Open 2015
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