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Beginner and Advanced classes, family discounts available
Activities Days and Times Cost
Beginners Friday 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm €5.00 per class
Advanced Fridays 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm €5.00 per class
Beginners/Advanced      Saturday 11:30 am - 1:00pm      €5.00 per class

West Karate have classes for all levels from the beginner to the most advanced students. We aim to make Karate afordable to all so the classes are only €5 per class but discounts are available for families.
So what are you waiting for? give us a call today.

Class Etiquette

  • Remove shoes and socks upon entering the dojo. Shoes are NEVER worn on the training floor.
  • Bow upon entering or leaving the dojo floor. This is to show respect for the facilities used in the practice of karate.
  • Students always line up for class in order of grade. For beginners, this means that you will stay on the side closest to the door.
  • There should be no talking between students while class is in session. Questions may be asked at an appropriate time.
  • Always follow the instructions given by the instructor. If you are unfamiliar with the movements, try to copy the person next to you or a senior.
  • Never refer to an instructor by name while in the dojo. Always use the term "Sensei".
  • At NO time will horseplay be tolerated. Karate is a discipline of both mind and body, and as such demands full concentration and serious effort on the part of the student. Horseplay can only lead to loss of knowledge and possible injury to oneself or one's partner.
  • Jewellery should not be worn while training. Watches, rings, earrings, necklaces, etc. often get in the way and can cause otherwise avoidable injuries.
  • Good hygiene should be followed. Fingers and toenails should be kept short to prevent injury while training and hands and feet should be clean.
  • Keep the dojo clean. Clothing should be neatly placed along the wall of the dojo. Make sure that any rubbish is properly disposed.
  • As a safety precaution, chewing gum is not allowed in class.

Beginner's Guide

  •   When can I join?
  • Beginners and other new members are welcome to join the club at any time during the year. All you have to do is turn up at a beginners training session and get started. We train all during the year.

  •   What do I wear to my first class?
  • It is wise to wear something loose e.g. track-suit bottoms and a T-shirt. Do not wear anything that has a zip or anything jagged which might injure yourself or someone else while training.

  •   Grading
  • To progress in karate you will be tested every 3 months or so. This test is called a grading and consists of an examination of your kihon (basic techniques), Kumite (sparring techniques and sequences), and a Kata (technique pattern).

  •   What is Kata?
  • Kata are patterns of techniques that we perform , and as we do so we imagine defending against an imaginary opponent as we execute each movement. Kata is a method of practising applications for particular self defence scenarios.

  •   What is Kihon?
  • Kihon means the basics, perfecting the punch, the block, the kick, the stance, working on the body rotation and propulsion dynamic, using the major muscle groups, and so forth.

  •   What is Kumite?
  • Kumite means sparring, and the focus of kumite is to practice using the techniques we learn from kata. Kumite may take the form of fixed step sparring i.e. 5 steps forward and punch, 5 steps back and block, or free sparring.

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